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You may be a new parent faced with the responsibility of selecting a guardian, an empty nester reconsidering your retirement options, or a retiree concerned with safeguarding your assets for your spouse or children. Yet if you do not have a proper and enforceable estate plan in place, you could be placing your loved ones and property at risk, by leaving important decisions up to the State of Florida. Who better than you to determine who should be guardian to your minor children or how your assets, investments, home, and other property will be distributed?

Failure to adequately prepare can be expensive, take more time to settle, and fail to achieve your desired wishes. Common mistakes often occur in the drafting and revising of your estate plan, leading to unnecessary, agonizing, and emotional disputes among family members in a time of grief and mourning. When developing a plan for what will happen after you are incapacitated or deceased, the most important thing is that you are the one who is making all of the crucial decisions. The Law Office of Brian Marantz is committed to helping our clients meet all of their needs and goals.


Don’t wait for a crisis to provide clarity. Probate Attorney Brian Marantz is devoted to estate planning for all ages, stages, and walks of life, making planning for the future as easy as possible, at an affordable price. Initial consultation, at our office or the location of your choice, at no cost to you. Weekend and evening appointments are available. We are proudly serving clients in Clearwater, Seminole, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and the surrounding Tampa Bay communities. Call us today!



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